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After taking my family to dinner one evening, I had this thought - if pizza suppliers offer two pizzas for the price of one, how can it be advantageous to the existence of a high quality establishment?

I wondered why anyone would want to buy pizza with sparse toppings, processed cheese and a cardboard-tasting crust. I concluded that pizza excellence must be relative. If a quality pizza were available, people would not settle for a cheap alternative. Realizing that pizza-making could be done right by using fresh, top quality ingredients in liberal amounts, I committed to creating a pizza-eating experience featuring excellence, value and variety. That commitment became Zito's Pizza.

At Zito's Pizza, we strive to bring our customers the full taste experience with every bite. You will never find a large pepperoni pizza at Zito's with less than 50 pepperoni slices - try counting the pepperonis on our competitors' pizzas! Our dough is hand-tossed and made fresh daily. Our lasagna is homemade with fresh cheese and our special blend of spices. Our sauces too are homemade, taken from recipes that have been handed down from one generation to the next without change because I know you can't improve on excellence! Our fresh mozzarella cheese is the best available - nearly a pound is used on each large Zito's pizza.

Zito's Pizza philosophy can be summed up in one word - Abondanza. This is the Italian word for "abundant" and it's how I want our customers to view our service and product. I know that if I stay true to my commitment, our customers will always return for more.